We are proud to give back to our community, and that is why we are partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, a foundation that helps to provide the Free Gift of Cleaning for women who are undergoing cancer treatment, and as token of our dedication to this cause DB Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing 4 free cleanings for this women who are battling any type of cancer so they can focus on their health while we focus on the cleaning.

Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives. That is what we do for a living so cleaning homes for people in need is a natural fit for our company. As a local business we are grateful for the success that we have attained through our many loyal customers. We are proud of the services we provide and proud to be able to help those in need. It is another way that we can reach out to our community.

To support this cause, if you would like to make a donation for this foundation please contact Cleaning for a Reason directly

Serving Women with Cancer